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Café Church

Enjoy café church at Alma every term. Please check the What's On page for details of the next one. 

Imagine a new kind of church... you walk into a warm and well equipped building, where all ages are welcomed, and where you are greeted with a cup of coffee and maybe even a croissant.  There are no hard uncomfortable pews - instead you sit at a table with a few friends. Through modern music, multimedia presentations, discussions and activities discover about how the God who created and sustains the universe is relevant to you.  The formal, cold, unwelcoming atmosphere so often associated with traditional church is gone, replaced with something that you can really connect with.  That's café church.  Why not come along to our next Café Church at Alma...


searching for God

Searching for God?

There are times in our lives, when we feel the need for something more - not just at the difficult times;  if you are wondering about God, then click here

need help

Need help?

At Alma, we believe in a God who cares for us and who calls us to care for each other. Read More