Home Groups

Home Groups

We have various home groups meeting in different parts of Bristol, on different days.  Each has its own flavour, they all welcome newcomers, and are happy for people to just come along to have a look.  They are a great way to find friendship, fellowship, and recharge your batteries mid week. People value the mutual support that these groups give. For more details, please contact the Home Group Coordinator, Jonathan (0117 968 2549), or the individual Home Group Leaders listed below.

Details of groups

Clifton: Tuesday 7:45pm, Oakfield Place.
Contact Sally - 0117 973 9307

Horfield: Tuesday 8pm, Highfield Grove.
Contact Al and Hazel - 0117 330 7493

Westbury: Wednesday 8pm, Priory Court Rd.
Contact Huw - 0117 962 3446

Friday Fellowship: Friday 10:30am, Alma Church Hall.
Contact Sally - 0117 973 9307

searching for God

Searching for God?

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Need help?

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