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Prayer is primary for us at Alma.  We have regular prayer meetings at 10.10am on a Sunday, before the service - everyone is welcome.  We also have an evening prayer meeting at 7pm on alternate Sundays.

If you need prayer in a hurry, we have 'ping a prayer': email Simon Rotheram (our minister) with your prayer request.

Alongside this, we encourage 'Prayer Triplets' and put on special days of prayer. The photos to the right are from last year's 24/7 Week of Prayer.

searching for God

Searching for God?

There are times in our lives, when we feel the need for something more - not just at the difficult times;  if you are wondering about God, then click here

need help

Need help?

At Alma, we believe in a God who cares for us and who calls us to care for each other. Read More