Student Life @ Alma


A big Welcome to all students! Our aim at Alma is to provide a supportive church family where students will be well fed (literally and spiritually), encouraged in their Christian faith and service, and able to escape the student bubble and mix with people of all ages. Among the things on offer to students are regular meals, family link ups, Home Groups and the chance to meet one2one with an older Christian if you would find that helpful (see below).

There will be a church lunch for all in September 29th and that there will be welcome lunches for students after the 10.30 service throughout October 2019.

Mixing it up a bit:

Alma doesn't have specific student groups - we desire to see students integrated into the whole of church life, mixing with people of all ages, and mutually encouraging each other. So, we'd encourage you to get involved in wider church life. You can do this in the following ways - just getting to know people, joining a homegroup, helping with the worship, being a helper at Children's / Youth Church or midweek youth activities... or even volunteering to serve teas and coffees!

Being fed - not just spiritually:

We hope that you will enjoy our services, and find that you can really gain a better understanding of the Bible from what is taught. But we also realise the other need students have, and that is for nourishment. That is why we organise lunches every once in a while to make sure you don't waste away.

  • A meal for the whole church happens every two months and is a chance for fantastic food and fellowship. Ask anyone who has sampled Jon's curry and they will tell you these events are not to be missed!
  • Link-up Lunches occur about once or twice a year (more if you are lucky) and are brilliant for seeing a bit more of Bristol, and going to an actual adult's house and allowing them to feed you! Sign up for them asap and you will be sent after church to somewhere nice.


If you would like to chat to, and be accountable to, an older Christian one2one on a semi-regular basis, then sign up. We are told to ‘'encourage each other, as long as it is called today.' (Hebrews 3) There are times when we all need a good bit of encouragement and wisdom from someone who's been through it all before.

Read more in the Student Welcome Leaflet.


"Let us encourage one another: Hebrews 10 v25"

searching for God

Searching for God?

There are times in our lives, when we feel the need for something more - not just at the difficult times;  if you are wondering about God, then click here

need help

Need help?

At Alma, we believe in a God who cares for us and who calls us to care for each other. Read More