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Our world is constantly changing and always offering up fresh challenges. Despite this, many of life's most significant challenges are timeless. Issue such as, "How do we handle conflict? What does it mean to live with integrity? How should we view money and possessions?" are questions that face every generation.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus addressed many of the issues that affect us all. His teaching and insights often flew in the face of culture and the popular opinion of his day. Over the next few weeks, we'll visit Jesus' words afresh, as we consider how we face life's biggest challenges.

  • Sun 19 November 10:30 - Church Weekend Away Feedback
    Speaker - Simon Rotheram
    19:30 - Prayer at the Orgorne's
  • Sun 26 November 10:30 - Open theme
    Speaker - Kadeem Harrigan
    19:30 - Prayer at the Orgorne's
  • Sun 3 December 10:30 - Advent - Watching and waiting
    Speaker - Simon Rotheram
    19:30 - Prayer at the Orgorne's
  • Sun 10 December 10:30 - Advent - Welcoming
    Speaker - TBC
    19:30 - Prayer at the Orgorne's

Every Sunday from 10.00-10:20 we have a prayer meeting in the small room opposite the new office to seek the Lord and ask for his blessing on the service. This is open to everyone so do come along and join us. 

You can download the full Summer Programme 2017.

searching for God

Searching for God?

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Need help?

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