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Carols by Firelight, 5pm to 6pm on Saturday 15th December

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Creation, Crisis and Calling:

Who are we? Why are we here? What's our purpose? These important questions are asked by every generation. They were certainly issues of great concern for the ancient Israelites and are reflected in stories and drama of their earliest texts, found in the Old Testament. Moreover, these stories explored issues such as humankind's predicament - our tendency to rebel and go our own way, to compete with one another, even to the point of violence. Despite all this, they discovered that God, rather than simply solving humankind's problems, called them to be part of the restorative plan - to be a great nation who would be a blessing to the world.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be spending time in some of these amazing stories and considering the same questions the Israelites asked all those years ago. We'll ask God to teach us afresh, who we are and why we're here, to help us understand the human predicament and how God calls us to respond.

  • Sun 9 December 10:30 - Advent – Herod/Magi. Also Messy Christmas for the kids - Matthew 2:1–12
    Speaker - Simon Rotheram
    Messy Christmas activities during the morning service - a creative look at the Christmas story for children of all ages
  • Sat 15 December 17:00 - Carols by Firelight, including a hog roast
    Join us under the stars in the church garden (or indoors if wet) for some festive food, fire and carols
  • Sun 16 December 10:30 - Advent – Mary - Luke 1:26–38
    Speaker - Angela Moseley
  • Sun 23 December 18:00 - Traditional Carol service - Carols by Candlelight
    Speaker - Simon Rotheram
    No morning service
  • Tue 25 December 10:30 - Christmas Day: A short family service
    Speaker - Simon Rotheram
    No morning service
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